Create Films with Children Aged 7-14

Mission Possible Part 1: Getting Started (PDF)

Mission Possible Part 2: Next Steps (PDF)

In this guides we share Missions of our ‘Mission Possibles’, a set of filmmaking activities for children. Each activity consists of a task and a set of clear creative rules, and is designed to develop on the previous one, so that children can continually practice and build on their knowledge and skills as they work their way through the set.


Programme Film For Children (PDF)

In this guide we help you choose films that will extend and enhance children’s experiences of film culture, and develop a clear rationale for choosing films to screen at festivals or film clubs in school.
Our guide is divided into two sections:
1. Strategies for choosing films for children
2. Debunking the myths about children’s film and television drama – no more excuses to screen the same old films!


Create A Film Study Guide For Children (PDF)

Based on research and analysis of existing film study guides we’ve identified that the most useful and long-lasting resources have three key characteristics:
1. They lead with the film, suggesting stimulating questions and flexible activities
2. They value what children and young people already know and understand
3. They are based on sound knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning