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Akademia Planete+ Doc


Akademia PLANETE+ DOC, ul. Widok 5/7/9 pok.410 Warszawa
Phone: +48 668 160 433
Contact person: Diana Gaik

Target group of the activities:
educators, children, students,

Short description of the initiative:
This is an education program for middle and secondary school students as well as higher education students, based entirely on documentary films, selected from the rich program of the festival Planete+Doc. The documentary films as a mirror reflect the condition of the modern world, thus the educational value of documentary film is undeniable and obvious. Films were chosen to accompany the schools curricula.
It is worth noting that this project is not only aimed at pupils and students interested in human disciplines, but also at those who are fascinated by physics, chemistry and biology.

Short description of activities, achievements:
For schools – the meeting includes: screening, 45minute lesson after the film and a lesson plan for the teacher to use in school. Classes are held on request outside the school, in cinemas and culture centers. Teachers can participate in special workshops on use of documentary films in education.
> For university students – Academy Planete+
Doc started in 2013 in several cities in Poland as a facultative subject. Classesare held in cinema once a week. The aim of the project is to awaken the interest in documentaries, and above all provide students with the appropriate tools for
their critical analysis. The program includes films with very different themes: psychology, globalisation, politics.

Activities and partners for which you are looking for:
Open for proposals.

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