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Animated Learning – Centre for Education and Animation


The Animation Workshop , Kasernevej 5, 8800 Viborg
Phone: +45 87554900
Contact person: Hanne Pedersen

Target group of the activities:
educators, children,

Short description of the initiative:
The Knowledge Centre for Animated Learning was formed on April 4th 2013 as a research and development network, uniting three research institutions in a consortium to implement production oriented and innovative didactic designs in the Danish education system.
Concurrently, the consortium will research and develop didactic designs and know-how to further the students’ digital education and their opportunities for and ability to take advantage of the everexpanding array of communication channels in front of them. Animated
Learning will strive to embrace modern children’s and youth culture, specifically the shift towards multimedia expression and creation as well as new learning arenas
and communities, thus meeting the challenges of adapting the patterns of thought and action in the education system to the realities of today.

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