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AniFestROZAFA International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience
Rruga "Lidhja e Prizerenit" pallati 4 (VEGA) shk . 8 Apartamenti 28
1010 Tirana - ALBANIA
Phone: +355682147062
Contact person: Artan Maku

Target group of the activities:
educators, teachers, children, schools, pupils, students, parents,

Short description of the initiative:
Through Film for Children and Adolescents, to sensitize film makers in the territory of Albania and film lovers opinion, to work and to ask that in Albania, to be realized films, which, addressed to children and adolescents.
We want to Rekindling love for film, for cinema and to raise curiosity for culture.
Films, we, will show, will fill a vacancy created in these 24 years, lack of films to the public, children and adolescents in our country.
“AniFest” pays attention to the economic argument as well, which consists on the idea that: If we do not present good quality films to children, then, we will not have an audience for the film product, including the Albanian film in the future, when they grow up.
The main goal of screening the first film to children is to help the increase of children audiences in the future.
Through these opportunities, “AniFest” NGO believes in raising the awareness of film creators in Albania to make films for children and teenagers.
To create new educative and entertainment opportunities by organizing the international Festival of Film for Children, Teenagers, and Youth “AniFestROZAFA”.
Working groups and trainings with teachers and children from pre-school education and elementary school education.
Raising public interest through the press and media in order to present the films of “AniFestROZAFA” festival, which is thought to be a Panorama Festival, moving, the only in Albania and Albanian speaking territories. The children’s opinions will determine the annual prize of the best film of “AniFestROZAFA” festival.
“AniFest” believes in the commitment of Children and Teenagers, putting them at the centre of the realization of the event.
“AniFest” believes that the engagement of children and teenagers in the process will educate their fantasy, personality and character under the slogan “ I am One ”.
The children should be courageous; independent and act and judge when it comes to the evaluation of films.

Short description of activities, achievements:
The objective of the project is the enrichment of the artistic life of children and youth in towns.
The objective of the project is to help establish contacts between institutions, animation film schools, studios of films for children and teenagers, film critics, creators of films for children and teenagers.
The training of teachers, professional trainers for the writing-reading in practice of the visual art in motion.

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