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Association of Danish Film Clubs for children and young people

Member of ECFA

Association of Danish Film Clubs for
children and young people
Liselotte Bjerg
Tagensvej 85 E, 1. sal
2200 København N
Phone: +45/33 21 41 76
Contact person: Liselotte Bjerg

Target group of the activities:
teachers, children, pupils,

Short description of the initiative:
DaBUF aims to expose children and young people to the film media in Denmark.
The organisation was established in 1952 and at the present time we represent app. 70 film clubs, showing films to around 60.000 children and youngsters. Most clubs are associated with a cinema.
Others (DVD-clubs) are found in cooperation with schools, libraries and other institutions. DaBUF has members all over Denmark as well as in Greenland and Luxembourg.
DaBUF cooperates with actors in the film industry.
In doing so we focus on education and activities which will support and inspire our members throughout the country, keeping them updated on what is happening in the area of children’s films.
The raison d’être for DaBUF is making sure that children’s films are being developed and are always in the hearts and minds of Danish politicians.
It is our belief that films are a spectacular vehicle for promoting vital issues concerning both children’s
and adolescent’s life.

Short description of activities, achievements:
When planning to start a film club for children and young people, the normal run of things is to gather a group of adults who have a desire to communicate film to youngsters. For the most part you will appoint a board for your club. The board will constitute itself with a chairman, a deputy chairman, a treasurer and a number of regular members.
Furthermore, most clubs have a number of young people on their board. This is to ensure that they are taught democracy and can see how the board works.

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